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Theodore Richardson

Theodore is a Certified Business Performance Coach, Serial entrepreneur in the local business space and has 10 years experience in online marketing. Speaks, reads and writes perfectly four different languages. He took early retirement after serving as a head sergeant doing 20 years of service at the Aruban Police Force.



Aruba Police Force



Owner Eagle Security



G.M. Hotel California Aruba



Owner Ezzy Consul& Constroction

Coach Theodore’s Story

Theodore Richardson is an experienced personal coach and helps people to maximize their potential. His approach is reactive, flexible and completely individual, building relationships based on integrity and trust. Based on the premise that listening is more important than talking, a coach helps clients to discover where they want to go and will help them to get there, without judging and with no personal agenda.

Theodore main focus after the realization that being multilingual and still having the preference of listening and learning in his native language (English) is to help renown language limited couches and consultants to see the importance of translating their marketing material. After finding his purpose (mentioned above) he has also developed a passion to assist others on their quest of finding their unique reason for being on this earth. Through out his life, many people has recognized and affirmed him to be a man of great value and purpose.

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The power of performance coaching

My passion is inspiring and working with other entrepreneurs to live a life of meaning, and that includes your business. Together we will explore your business journey, capabilities, and leadership, all while setting and reaching the goals that will make a positive impact on your business as well as your life. Following your passion doesn't need to be so difficult. This investment will be exactly what takes your business to new heights.

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It is important to recognise that successful businesses aren’t built on a silver bullet; they’re built on an aggregation of small things done better for longer than the competition over years.
It is entirely up to you what a successful business will look like for you, and we will help you define that. Typically a great business is not reliant on you as an owner and it should deliver the time, fulfilment and financial return you desire.

Lorena Rangel


Spanish Translator

Theodore E Richardson

Founder & CEO

Certified Business Performance Coach

Juny Engelhart

Business Developer

Computer Technician/Website Designer

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We offer a full range of coaching packages to fit your coaching needs.

Executive Coaching:

Understanding people at a deeper level is fundamental to any managerial role, yet it can get buried under the pressures to perform day-to-day tasks on a demanding schedule. Learn how to approach people from the inside-out to optimize your own awareness, build strong relationships, and enhance workplace communication in ways that boost morale, confidence, and cohesion.

Individual Approach

We work with business professionals wanting to reach higher performance levels. We provide a variety of coaching programmes for private individuals and corporate organization. Whether you are looking at expanding your horizons, changing lifestyle, or climbing the ladder, we can help you access the mindset that will allow you to perform better.

Global Solutions

As a Business Coach, I serve as both trainer and mentor, I give Training for the skills you need to be successful in your business and serving as a source of information should you ever have any questions about what you should do.

We dig deep into your organization's culture and purpose.

We help organizations uncover their timeless purpose the reason they
exist so they can grow their people, profits, and social impact.

Strategic Planning

A strong strategic plan helps you protect and strengthen your position in the marketplace by aligning your management team behind one vision.

24/7 Online Support

As a business coach one of the things I frequently see with leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals, is when you become more successful the complexity of running your business increases dramatically.

Business Opportunities

Whether your business is struggling and you need a way to revive it or you simply want to take your brand to the next level, bringing on a professional business coach is one of the most effective options you have available.

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