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Theodore Richardson

Theodore is a Certified Business Performance Coach, Serial entrepreneur in the local business space and has 10 years experience in online marketing. Speaks, reads and writes perfectly four different languages, which are: English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento.
He took early retirement as a head sergeant of the Aruban Police Force after serving his community for 20 years. He is now dedicated to helping top "English Limited"  Online Marketers expand into the hispanic market without the need to learn Spanish.



Police Officer Aruba



Owner Eagle Security



G.M. Hotel California Aruba



Owner Ezzy Consul& Constroction


Contextual Resume

1984 -2001

All Police Academies

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2001 - 2020

EZZY Construction

EZZY Construction Company, headquartered in Oranjestad, brings over 12 years of local and national construction experience; with a reputation for delivering large and unique design-build projects ahead of schedule and on budget. Our company has served clients and building owners for over four decades. In that time, we have found that the key to every project’s success is understanding the Owner’s needs and expectations and then exceeding those expectations.

2001 - 2020


Eagle Security Services surpasses our competition in meeting the standards of what a security guard company consists of in the industry today. As a security provider we provide much more than to deter, detect and report.

2001 - 2020

Hotel California Aruba

Hotel California Aruba 3-star ⭐⭐⭐ Long Term Bed and Breakfast located in the main street, downtown Oranjestad the capital of Aruba, a Dutch island in the Caribbean Sea. An affordable hotel perfectly situated to visit many tourist attractions of the city within walking distance. Our combination of affordable rooms, amenities and outstanding customer service makes our hotel the best accommodation for your vacation.

Coach Theodore’s Story

Being born and raised on the Island of Aruba I was thought thought 4 different languages from 3rd grade up to high-school. But it wasn't till I decided to serve my country as an offer that I really understood the value of understanding and being able to communicate back to others in their native tongue. How can you direct someone correctly if they don't fully understand you? How can people trust, pay attention or follow a leader they don't understand? So in short where I'm from Language is important and being an officer whose written and/or verbal statement could cause someone a life-sentence in prison makes language 10 times more important.

After getting into Online-Marketing in 2009 I have realized that 98% of all online-marketing is done in English by native English speaking Online-Gurus and they are marketing their stuff mainly in the U.S. Ratio Hispanic / English citixens Audio is either music or Noise to your ears. The actual Attention-span of the average human-bean today Build trust, rapport and respect People buy from those who the Know - Like- and Trust  
The life-blood of any business is traffic and tire-one traffic is found in most English speaking countries yet studies have shown that 70% of the U.S citizens are native Spanish speaking citizens.

Theodore Richardson is an experienced personal coach and helps people to maximize their potential. His approach is reactive, flexible and completely individual, building relationships based on integrity and trust. Based on the premise that listening is more important than talking, a coach helps clients to discover where they want to go and will help them to get there, without judging and with no personal agenda. Theodore main focus after the realization that being multilingual and still having the preference of listening and learning in his native language (English) is to help renown language limited couches and consultants to see the importance of translating their marketing material. After finding his purpose (mentioned above) he has also developed a passion to assist others on their quest of finding their unique reason for being on this earth. Through out his life, many people has recognized and affirmed him to be a man of great value and purpose.


My mission is to help others by showing them how to find their Life's Purpose.

Bonding & Positioning Analysis

Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next project? Let us guide you. 

Introductory Consultation

We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best.

Global Solutions

Translation tools with adequate human back-up control. The Language of Online-marketing translated ; conveying your proper message.

The power of performance coaching

My passion is inspiring and working with other entrepreneurs to live a life of meaning, and that includes your business. Together we will explore your business journey, capabilities, and leadership, all while setting and reaching the goals that will make a positive impact on your business as well as your life. Following your passion doesn't need to be so difficult. This investment will be exactly what takes your business to new heights.


Let's get started!

Ignite Your Purpose

Once we understand who an organization is and what unique role they can serve in the world, it’s time to articulate the purpose. In the Articulation step, the organization develops and communicates its purpose statement. It crafts a story in its own voice that resonates with employees and customers.

Purpose Discovery

Our work begins with Discovery. We dig deep to unearth employees’ sentiments and consumers’ insights, immersing ourselves in materials related to the company’s culture and ethos. Once the organization has established “who we are,” subject matter experts are brought in to help leaders explore the universal human needs that the organization can meaningfully address. We call them Luminaries and they help us uncover the “need in the world.”

Purpose Activation

Once you have a purpose, you must bring it to life both internally and externally. Otherwise, purpose is little more than good intention. To go beyond surface purpose and create purpose with the power to transform, it must be integrated in the day-to-day experience of both employees and customers. Activating purpose requires employee-facing as well as customer-facing initiatives. Walking the talk is crucial.

Get Your Free Coaching Session Today

Share your story with us during your Free 60 min Session. Discover you are not alone. Our actionable, systematic solutions will lead business leaders out of chaos and stagnation.

Let’s talk about your goals and what is needed to make them happen!

It is important to recognise that successful businesses aren’t built on a silver bullet; they’re built on an aggregation of small things done better for longer than the competition over years. It is entirely up to you what a successful business will look like for you, and we will help you define that. Typically a great business is not reliant on you as an owner and it should deliver the time, fulfilment and financial return you desire.

Our Approach

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule.

Purpose Beyond Profit

Purposeprneur introduces a new way to inspire, build engagement and create organisational well-being. Through meditation and visualisation we unlock creativity and bring purpose and meaning to you and your work place.

Strategic Planning Session

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level.

We help organizations uncover their timeless purpose....

The reason they exist so they can grow their people, profits, and social impact.
We dig deep into your organization's culture and purpose.
You address questions such as:

Who are we now?  
Who do we want to be?
How do we discover our purpose?
What is our message?
What makes us different?
How do we connect others to our message?
What is our path?

Our Team

Lorena Rangel

Administrator & translator 

Spanish language translator

Theodore E Richardson

Founder & CEO

Theodore is a certified life purpose coach who focuses on helping others become clear about the unique reason they were put on this earth.

Juny Engelhart

Web Designer & Technical support

Computer Technician/Video Editor/Web Designer

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